Have you ever wonder why we like people who are “similar” to us? What is it about people who mirror us (like-minded) that we like so much?

The cynical part of me wants to believe that our reflection is what we are attracted to. We are more selfish than we can admit. Some already believe we decide on who we date or marry based on the qualities we like from our parents. But does that also extend to qualities we like about ourselves?

Lets talk friendships. Is it possible we decide on friendships based on qualities we like about ourselves? It’s a scary thought, I know, or at least it is for me. It makes me feel extremely self-centered. But does it hold true? Is everyone we choose to welcome into our life a simple reflection of us? Do we not like people for their individuality – for who they genuinely are?

Liking others who are “like us” is great for the start of any relationship because it helps build rapport and a positive momentum, but it may not be a good idea for long-term relationships. Haven’t you come to a point in a relationship in which hanging out with someone who is too similar to you is simply boring? I feel there’s a need for diversity of thought, likes and experiences. And the reason we fail so much at relationships in general is because we habitually seek to make connections with like-minded people.

Can I challenge you to meet a stranger and make a conversation? Perhaps hire someone who is your complete opposite – skills wise? Or make a friend who contradicts your every though? Try it and let me know. Drop me a comment once you’ve given it a shot!

Does this strike a chord?